No Snow

Very little snow has been seen around Fargo Moorhead this season.  Unusual?  Not at all.  In fact our average first 1 inch snow fall is on November 13.  We average 7.9 inches in the month of November, but in more years than not, that average is derived from snow events during the 2nd half of November, not the first.

The snowiest winter on record in Fargo Moorhead was back in the 1996-1997 cold season when 117.0 inches of snow was recorded.  The first measurable snow of that very long winter did not occur until today, November 15 (which also happened to be a Friday) when two inches fell in the first initial wave of a three day snow storm that eventually brought blizzard conditions to the area over that weekend.  By Monday morning, 15.5 inches of snow had fallen.  By the end of the month 26.4 inches of snow had fallen on the city.

The odds of a repeat are of course extremely low, but snow will come eventually, it always does.