November 70s

The high temperature has reached 70 degrees or warmer in Fargo Moorhead during the month of November 16 times since records began in 1881.  The last 70 degree November day recorded locally was back on November 8, 2006.  That was also the 2nd highest temperature recorded during the month of November behind the November record of 74 degrees set on November 1, 1990.  

The latest 70 degree high was on November 10, 1909 then the high was right at 70 degrees.  There has been four years when the high reached 70 degrees two times during the month of November, those were in 1999, 1975, 1903 and 1887.   The average maximum high during the month of November is 59 degrees, meaning the 61 degree high last Wednesday at  Hector Int’l was right near that average.

 If you are curious, our average first 60 degree day of spring does not arrive until April 3.