Thanksgiving 2012

Last year, today was a rare snowy Thanksgiving Day. Since 1950, there had only been four Thanksgivings with more than one inch of snow falling on the holiday, meaning last year made it five.  Unlike this year, there had been several previous snowfalls before that event, but the one a year ago was the first of the season that created nasty travel conditions around Fargo Moorhead.

A bit over two inches fell with a strong north wind lowering visibility and with temperatures going from above to below freezing, the roads became quite icy.  This year, Thanksgiving falls as late as it can on November 28.  Since records began in 1881, measurable precipitation falls on any given November day about 20% of the time, but those odds increase as the month progresses.  The period of this month with the highest historical chance of precipitation are the 25, 26 and 27 when nearly 30% of those days have recorded precipitation.  Meaning, the later Thanksgiving falls, the higher the chance of slippery roads.