Brown Thanksgiving

Fargo Moorhead residents are waking up this morning to another brown Thanksgiving.   Lack of snow cover on Thanksgiving Day has become very common place in recent years.  Since the turn of the century there have been only two Thanksgivings with snow on the ground.  One was just last year when a bit over two inches of snow fell with a stiff north wind during the day.

Thanksgiving 2012 was probably the worst travel day on Thanksgiving Day itself since 1993 when 8 inches of snow fell that year on the holiday.  Besides 2012, the only other Thanksgiving this century with snow on the ground was back in 2010 when a 12 inch snow event occurred a couple of days before Thanksgiving giving us a snow depth of 8 inches on the holiday.  That was the most snow on the ground on the fourth Thursday in November since 1996.

Although very few Thanksgivings in the past decade have been white, several of them turned white before the long holiday weekend was completed.