November 2013

The average temperature last month was 28.2 degrees which is 0.6 degrees below the current 30 year average.  Although not an exceptionally cold month, it was the coldest November in Fargo Moorhead since 2003.  Fargo Moorhead had recorded 9 straight above average Novembers until this year.  Not only temperatures finished below average last month, but precipitation did as well.

In total, only 0.40 inches of rain and melted snow was recorded in November.  That is well below the average of 1.00 inch.  Our cooperative observer in north Moorhead measured 0.3 inches of snow last month.  The average November snowfall is 7.9 inches.  That ranked November 2013 as the 9th least snowiest November since 1890.

In recent years 2006 with just 0.2 inches and 1999 with no measureable snow ranked lower.