First Inch

On Monday, Fargo Moorhead experienced the first accumulating snow of one inch or greater. It was the first time the snow shovels and the snow blowers were use this season and then used a couple of more times since.   The long term average for such an event is on November 13.

Just two years ago, the first one inch event of the season held off until December 30, which was the 3rd latest such occurrence on record.  The only two years on record when Fargo Moorhead did not record the first inch of snow before the new year were back in the winters of 1913-14 when the first inch arrived on January 22 and during the winter of 1943-1944 when the one inch milestone waited until January 27.  On the other extreme, the earliest one inch event locally was on September 25, 1912 when two inches was measured that day.

Last year we recorded our 4th earliest one inch event on October 4.