Oregon Cold

The weather has certainly been cold in recent days, but locally, we have been nowhere near any record low.  The record lows this time of year tend to be in the -30 to -25 degree range.  One state that has set numerous record lows recently has been Oregon.   An automatic temperature gauge in the Horse Ridge nature area just east of Bend, Oregon dropped to 41 degrees below zero on Sunday morning.

That same morning, the residents of Lakeview, OR, in the far south central portion of the state, woke up to a temperature of -27 degrees.  Not only was that a record for the date, it was also an all-time record low for the city.  That surpassed the previous coldest temperature on record of -22 set back in February 1933 and January 1937.  Perhaps equally impressive was Eugene on the western side of the Cascades dropping to -10, just two degrees shy of their all-time coldest reading and Astoria, on the Pacific coast dropping all the way down to 13 degrees for a daily record low.