Surprise Snow

In the past week, snow was recorded in many places not accustomed to receiving a lot of the white stuff.   Although Jerusalem does record snow on occasion, the amount of snow experienced last week was the heaviest in many years.  The city received anywhere from 30 to 40 centimeters of snow (10 to 15 inches) that virtually shut down the city.

Jerusalem sits at an elevation of 2,600 feet and the roads leading up to the city were so snow covered and icy that travel to and from the city was nearly impossible for a time.  That same storm also dropped snow on Cairo, Egypt.  Many sources reported this to be the first measurable snow in the city in over 100 years.  Social media was full of snow sculptures, some, not surprisingly, in the shape of pyramids.  Another location recently recording snow was in the northern part of Vietnam.

Granted, it was in higher elevations, but snow there is so unusual that traffic jams occurred as people flocked to the area to see snow for the first time in their lives.