Day And Night


When I first started college in the early 1980s, personal computers were at their infancy.  The computer programs at the time were primitive in comparison what we have today, but there is one program from that era that has remained somewhat unchanged.  That program (or app) shows you a map of the world and where there is currently sunlight or darkness.  The program always was fascinating to watch in the window outside the main office of the geography department in my college days.

That was particular true near the equinoxes or the solstices.  Of course today marks the winter solstice and visually seeing what little sunshine those of us in the northern latitudes receive this time of year in comparison to what the same graphic looks like near the summer solstice is stunning as our daylight is currently about one-half of what we get in June.  If you are interested in such an app, a quick search for “day and night” usually brings up a few choices for you to choose from.