Many Negatives

Fargo Moorhead averages 48 days with a temperature dropping below zero during our cold season.  Of those 48 days, on average, December records 12 of them.  Including this mornings expected below zero reading, the temperature has already dropped below zero on 16 days this month.   If current projections are correct, this December could end up with 20 or more negative temperature days.

Fargo Moorhead has recorded 20 or more days with a temperature dipping below zero degrees only five times in the month of December in the past 30 years.  Those years were 1983, 1985, 1989, 2000 and 2008.  This month already ranks as having the second most below zero reading this century (since 2001) and may join that 20 club before the month is done.

What this means of course is, if you have been thinking this month has seemed a bit cold, even by our standards, these statistics prove you are correct.