Worst Of 2013

If you had to select the most notable weather feature of 2013 in our area what would you pick?  My hunch is many of you would choose the lack of spring weather we recorded this year.  Granted, it was not necessarily an individual weather event, but the persistent cold and snow last March and April was one for the record book.

Those two months in total recorded 31.3 inches of snow, the second most on record.  Both months recorded similar snow totals, but because April climatologically is not a snowy month, the 16.7 inches that fell was the 4th highest on record and less than one inch from breaking the record for that month.  Perhaps more impressive than the snow, was the cold. March and April combined was the 3rd coldest such period on record in Fargo Moorhead and taken as a whole, those two months were the coldest on record for the state of North Dakota.

The cold spring lead to many lakes in Minnesota not opening up until after the Fishing Opener in early May.