Temperature Rangeless

The just completed 2013 was our second straight year with a minimal temperature range. The warmest temperature last year was a 96 degree high on August 20 and the coldest temperature was a -21 degree low on February 1 and December 23.  That makes for a yearly range of 117 degrees.

Although that may sound impressive, in our climate, that ranks as tied for the 5th lowest yearly temperature range on record.  The average spread from our warmest to lowest temperature in a year is 127 degrees.    2013 marked the second year in a row with a range of only 117 degrees.  The smallest range in temperature in any year was set back in 2002 when the range was only 110 degrees with the warmest temperature being 98 degrees and the coldest a mere -12 degrees that year.

The year with the highest range in temperatures to no surprise for many of you was set in 1936 when the lowest and highest temperatures were -37 degrees and 114 degrees for a range of 151 degrees.