IceBox Cold

December ranked as the 11th coldest on record in Fargo Moorhead.  Such a ranking with over 130 years of records is a testament to how cold this winter has been so far in this area.  Although, we live in a very cold place, there are of course, other locations that are even colder.  One of those places, the so-called “Icebox of the Nation”, is Int’l Falls, Minnesota.

International Falls has weather records dating back to 1897 and last month ranked as the 2nd coldest on record.  The average temperature was -4.1 and narrowly missed out on being the coldest on record by 0.2 degrees.  The coldest December with an average temperature of -4.3 degrees was set back in 1983.  The temperature dropped to or below -30 eight times in the month, which was also a record for the city.

Any time the “Icebox of the Nation” is breaking cold records, you know it was indeed a very cold month.