Two Years Ago

Do you remember what you were doing two years ago today?  My guess is that at some point you were outside enjoying another beautiful day.  January 10, 2012 was the second straight day with a high temperature of 51 degrees.  A few days before that on January 5, 2012, the high reached 55 degrees which broke the record for the warmest temperature recorded in Fargo Moorhead during the month of January.  The previous record was set back on January 20, 1908 when the high reached 54 degrees.

Although after this date in 2012 another 50 degree day was not observed in Fargo Moorhead until March, the first half of January 2012 was the warmest on record and that month finished as the 4th warmest January since records started in 1881.  This month of course has started out completely different than that mild January of two years ago, but this month has been similar to numerous other beginnings of a New Year, but 2012, especially those first 10 days was a very unique period in the record book.