Growing Up Cold

When I was a kid growing up in southern Minnesota, temperatures in the -10s impressed me.  In December 1983, when I was home for Christmas while attending college, the temperature dropped to -30 on our home thermometer.  From that point forward, temperatures in the -10s never impressed me again.

Then in late January and early February in 1996, this region was in the grips of the coldest weather in 60 years.  Although Fargo dropped to -39 degrees during that cold snap, in Sioux Falls, where I was living at the time, the temperature dropped to just -33 degrees.  Yet, ever since then, the -30s no longer seemed extraordinary.

When I was young, my father would always tell me that it was so much colder when he was a kid and would rarely think the weather was special.  Now that I have experienced most of what my father did (except a 1936 type year), I can relate to his weather wisdom, although, I still ponder how he walked up hill to school both ways.