Beyond The Solstice

What have we gained since the winter solstice five weeks ago?  The sun angle at solar noon has climbed from 19.5 degrees to 25.5 degrees today, which is certainly noticeable if you park your car in a sunny location during the day as it likely feels much warmer getting into it then it did a month ago.

The length of day has increased from 8.5 hours to 9.5 hours with most of that extra sunshine associated with later sunsets much more so than with earlier sunrises.  The Sun now sets well after 5:00 PM allowing many traditional 8 AM to 5 PM workers to at least see some sunshine after work.   One thing that has not improved much is the average high and low.

The average high and low have only improved slightly as they did not begin to increase until last week and will not increase much until the middle of February.