50 And Counting

Today is the 50th day with a low temperature below zero this season.  The long-term average is 48 such days, so we have already surpassed that milestone with at a good month of potential negative lows ahead of us.

Perhaps even more noticeable is the fact that on 12 of those days, the high temperature also failed to get to 0 degrees.  The long-term average for below zero high temperatures is 10 such days.  Two of the days with a high below zero, the high was in the double digits below zero with the coldest being a high of -14 on December 31.  We average two days per winter with a high of -10 degrees or colder.  Considering it will become increasingly more difficult to remain that cold as our days continue to get longer, the odds are pretty high we will not record another -10 degree or lower high this winter.

But another single digit negative high is definitely a possibility.