Top 30 For Now

One of the most asked questions lately has been how does this winter rank in comparison to past winters.  Snow wise, this winter has been quite ordinary, but of course when this question comes up, it is almost always referenced for temperatures.  Through Monday, February 10, the average temperature since December 1 was 3.5 degrees.  That would rank that period as the 23rd coldest on record.

As a comparison, it would be similar to the average temperature for the same period during the winters of 2008-2009, 1996-1997 and 1995-1996.  The biggest difference would be all those winters had significantly more snowfall to this point.  Based on the warmer temperatures that have moved into the area and are expected to remain for at least the next week (most days), that ranking will slowly drop.  When climatological winter ends on February 28, we may not even finish in the Top 30, yet, no matter the ranking, this is clearly a noticeably colder than average winter.