Others Are Worse

It has certainly been a cold winter; yet, in Fargo Moorhead no specific cold records have been set.  Elsewhere around the United States it has also been cold with more notable cold weather statistics.  Toledo, Ohio for example, dropped to -15 degrees this past Wednesday morning for the second time this winter, in 140 years of records, this was the first time that the city hit -15 in two different months.

The Twin Cities, even with a significant urban heat island around the airport, has dropped below zero 44 times this winter, only four away from breaking into the Top 10.  In Fargo Moorhead, we need 17 more days to break into the Top 10.   Chicago has already recorded enough days to reach the Top 10 for most below zero days in that city.  Snow locally has been uneventful, but Detroit, Michigan has already recorded enough snow to rank in their Top 10, plus the city recorded their snowiest January on record.

Yes, our winter has been tough, but other locations have by their standards fared even worse.