January 2014 Weather Statistics

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) released their statistical analysis for the month of January late last week.   According to NCDC, North Dakota as a whole recorded the 65th coldest January on record.  If that surprises you, although Fargo was nearly 5 degrees below average last month, it was the 59th coldest January on record locally, plus, western North Dakota actually finished the mont

h of January with above average temperatures keeping last month close to normal on a statewide level.

Minnesota on the other hand recorded below average temperatures statewide.  NCDC ranked January as the 24th coldest on record for Minnesota.  Nationally, with the exception of a few New England states, all states east of the Mississippi finished in the Top 30 coldest on record.  On the opposite extreme most states west of the Great Plains finishing in the Top 30 warmest on record.

Therefore, just a few states in the center of the country and New England finished the month of January near average.