Cold Without Records

It has been a very cold winter, yet, not only have no record lows been set, we have not even come close.  February will be ending quite cold but the odds of Fargo Moorhead recording a record low this week does not look likely.  Although we are rapidly approaching March, the record lows are still near -30 degrees.

Back on February 20, 2008 the temperature at Hector Int’l dropped to -31 degrees which did set a record for that date and we would likely need a reading that low to break any records with our current cold snap.  One factor that will hinder the temperature from breaking any records is our current snow pack.  Although deep, it is crusty and hard and not as conducive to strong radiational cooling as fresh more powdery snow.  In other words, hard crusty snow will help keep the temperature up this week, meaning, although it will likely be a very cold finish to February, had we recorded some fresh snow cover recently we would be even colder.