Here Comes March

As February comes to a close and the traditional warmer weather of spring ahead of us, one very common question asked of me lately is what type of temperatures we can expect in March.  The average high temperature on March 1 is 29 degrees which rises to 46 degrees on March 31.  The average low climbs from 12 degrees to 26 degrees over the month.

The overall average temperature during the month of March in Fargo Moorhead is 27.8 degrees.  My current forecast is for March to finish below that average, but I would be surprised if we finished anywhere near the bitterly cold average of 17.3 degrees that the metro recorded last year.   That was the 16th coldest March since records began in 1881.  Our average March precipitation 1.30 inches of rain and melted snow with most years a majority of that coming from melted snow.  Our average March snowfall is 9.1 inches, the 3rd snowiest month of the year based on averages.