The Slide To Cold

September 2013 finished well above average, but since then the temperature in this area has been consistently cold.  This region is not alone with that statistic as, since October 1, about 75% of the lower 48 states have recorded temperatures below average.  Locally, the average temperature has been about 5 degrees below normal during the past five months with an average temperature of 18.3 degrees from October 1 through February 21.

That would rank that period as the 33rd coldest out of the 133 years with available records.  That would place this year in the top 25 percent coldest.  As a comparison, the average temperature during our very mild winter of 2011-2012 was about 13 degrees warmer during that same period with an average temperature of 31 degrees. That was the warmest such period on record.  The past few years makes for quite the contrast on the type of cold season this area can experience.