Late Negatives

Our average last day with a high temperature below zero in Fargo Moorhead is February 9.  Therefore, any of the next few days if we fail to get above zero would be well beyond that average date.  The record low maximum temperature this Friday (February 28) is -11 degrees set back in 1962, but once we hit March, high temperatures below zero become rare.

Since records have been kept in 1881, there have been only 11 instances with a high below zero in Fargo Moorhead during the month of March. The last occurred in 2009 when the high was -1 degree on March 11.  A high below zero this time of year may be a bit uncommon, but low temperatures below zero are common place.  The average last date with a low below zero is March 11.

Considering our current cold snap should last into next week, the odds are high our last negative reading of this season will be at least near that average if not later.