First 50 Of 2014

The average date of the first 50 degree high in Fargo Moorhead is March 18.  The high temperature this past Thursday was 58 degrees which was our first 50 (and nearly our first 60 degree) reading of the season.

One of the keys to reaching 50 degrees is snow cover.  Although within the city limits of Fargo Moorhead many areas, particularly the older parts of town there was still plenty of snow on the ground that day, outside of the metro, especially to our west there has been very little snow on the ground for the past few weeks. A west wind off that bare ground helped the temperature reach 58 degrees that afternoon.  If you are curious, the average first 60 degree high is on April 3 and the first 70 is on April 18.

Although the pattern still looks to be producing more cold days than warm ones in the short term, the lack of snow will at least keep temperatures warmer than what it would be with a whiter landscape.