March Question Of The Day

Here is a weather question to start your day.  Which first half of March, March 2013 or March 2014 was colder?  If you guessed this year, you are correct, but just by a fraction of a degree.  Last March and this one both recorded an average temperature just slightly below 18 degrees.  That is approximately 6 degrees below average.

The big difference from last year to this year was a year ago Fargo Moorhead recorded about 10 inches of snow and this month just1.8 inches of snow was recorded from March 1 through the 16.  We all remember the phenomenally warm March of 2012, but that was one of only two Marches that started with above average temperatures this century.

The other March that started mild was back in 2010, which made for an early flood that year.  This March certainly started cold, but nowhere near as extreme as 2003 when the first half of March had an average temperature of just 11 degrees.