Late Springs Good For Sinuses

Being one who suffers from the summer catarrh (hay fever), I have one reason to dread the budding of trees in spring.  Tree pollen; the elms in particular; have always brought a sudden change in how well (or poorly) I feel in the spring.  When I moved to Fargo back in the 1980s, I noticed that the hay fever symptoms would come on in a rush just as the elms were leafing out, which usually happened around the fifteenth of April.  That was then; this is now.  Most years now the elms leaf out a week or so later than mid-April.  Although our local climate has warmed slightly since my arrival in 1985, it has not warmed consistently.  The spring season in Fargo Moorhead has actually grown colder on the average. In our country, a snow storm or cold snap late in the springtime is to be expected once in a while.  But these spring surprises have become routine and spring cold snaps have tended to last longer than in the past.  Meteorologist John Wheeler