Early Warm Days Don’t Have The Humidity

Those early warm days of spring are a different kind of warm day than what we get in the later spring or summer. It’s about the dew point. Early in the spring, there is very little humidity available this far from the Gulf of Mexico. Air comes either from across the Pacific across the Rockies where it loses much of its moisture or it comes from nearby where there is little moisture available. The temperature may 70 or 80 degrees for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but it has warmed from a morning low in the 30s or 40s and likely as not will cool down that much the next night. Warm days in April are very much like typical winter days in the desert. The 76 degrees we experienced Easter Sunday was accompanied by an afternoon humidity of 18 per cent. When we have warm days in summer, even the days which are not particularly humid, there will be a lot more humidity present in the air than there was Sunday. John Wheeler