Average Last Frost


The average date of the last frost in Fargo Moorhead over the past three decades is May 8.  This date is a few days earlier than it was a few decades ago.  One subtle advantage of the warmer climate is that our average growing season is a few days longer than it used to be.  However, the average of anything is nothing other than the mean, the middle, and the center.  Average last frost is in no way supposed to signal anything about when the last frost is “supposed” to happen.  Some years there is no frost at all in May and the final frost happens sometime in late April.  The problem is that we cannot know when the last frost will be until long after it has happened.  Late frosts are not necessarily a feature of an overall cold weather pattern.  All it takes is one clear, cold night and that has been known to happen on occasion in June.  The latest frost on record is June 20, 1969.  Meteorologist John Wheeler