Cold Spring The Worst Ever? Think Again.

All of us are feeling down about the cold and dreary spring.  The phrase, “worst spring ever,” has burst forth on many occasions.  Well, it is being a terrible spring.  But it is not the worst ever.  Even within the brief Fargo Moorhead period of record, there have been much worse.  Consider the spring of 1907.  During May of that year, it snowed on four separate occasions.  On this date in that year, you would have awoken to snow falling for a total of 2.9 inches, and it would snow again five days later.  Frost?  Freezing temperatures were recorded in Fargo Moorhead on 15 of the 31 days in May that year.  The first ten mornings of the month were all in the 20s except for May 2 when it was 17.  Ten of the days in May that year had high temperatures below 50 degrees, including May 2 when the high was 32.    Meteorologist John Wheeler