Waiting For Eighty (Degrees)


The first 70 degree day of the spring is often regarded as the first day in the spring which really feels like spring.  The first 80 degree day is, perhaps, the first to offer a hint of summer. We got to 70 back on April 9.  In fact, it was 79 degrees that afternoon. So we almost got our first 80 degree day unusually early this year, but it just missed.  It then snowed on three days the following week, which is why few of us remember that it has already been so warm this spring.  The average first 80 degree day in spring is May 6.  Both of the past two years, the first 80 degree day came on May 13.  In 2011, it did not reach 80 until June 3.  Four years ago, in 2009, it came on May 18.  In 2008, it was on April 23.  The earliest 80 degree day on record was on March 23 of 1910.  Meteorologist  John Wheeler