Heavy Hail In Colorado

A severe thunderstorm produced hail accumulations up to six inches deep Wednesday.  Snow plows were required to clear some major streets as so much ice was slow to melt even in the warmth of the afternoon.  Such hailstorms make vivid pictures but are not as rare as you might think.  Sometimes the heaviest rains from thunderstorms come from storms which are not so terrible, just slow-moving.  Occasionally, hail storms can be the same way.  Hail usually falls in a narrow swath, underneath a powerful updraft region in a storm cell.  When that storm is slow to move, the hail is able to really pile up.  In extremely rare cases, hail has been known to accumulate to depths of several feet. This can actually kill vegetation and cause road closures for more than a week while the ice melts.   Meteorologist John Wheeler