It’s Windy Here, But Its Windier Elsewhere

We know our weather is often windy in the Red River Valley.  We have more blizzards than anywhere else in the United States owing to long winters with snow on the ground and flat terrain which lets the wind flow unimpeded.  But is this the windiest place in the country?  Actually, no.  The windiest places are mountain locations but those winds are from turbulence.  But in flat country, you might be surprised to learn that Boston, Massachusetts, has a higher average wind speed (12.3 mph) than Fargo (12.2 mph). Many coastal areas have higher average wind speeds due to the fact that an ocean is even flatter than our Red River Valley.  But the place with the highest average wind speed is in the Texas Panhandle region. It is flat and often stormy, but also the higher terrain of the southern High Plains places it closer that much closer to stronger upper-level winds.   Meteorologist John Wheeler