Smaller Weather A Communication Challenge

We have come to the time of the year when the weather gets smaller.  A shower or a thunderstorm that rains on Wahpeton or Valley City is likely to miss Fargo.  For that matter, it is not unusual for it to rain on the north side of Fargo and Moorhead but miss the south side altogether.  So when you see a forecast with a chance of rain in it on any given day, it does not necessarily mean it will rain where you are. Furthermore, if it does rain on you, it is not very likely to rain all day.  Many days that produce severe thunderstorms are beautiful days most of the day.  Likewise, just because the weather where you are is beautiful does not preclude the possibility of big, bad storms nearby.  We all know this to be true and yet if a forecast shows a chance of rain on Saturday most people seem to get the idea that their Saturday is ruined.  Remember that a chance of rain is only a chance.    Meteorologist John Wheeler