Humidity Haters Hate Humidity Hard

Although most large-scale weather patterns around the world suggest our summer will likely be cooler than average, there is still the expectation that there will be some hot weather around here.  During summer, most of our hot and humid weather comes during July and August and that is when this summer’s hot weather is most likely, too.  Temperatures in the 80s and 90s with humidity produces varied and interesting reactions from people around these parts.  While some of us think of such weather as true summer and relish in it, others absolutely despise heat and humidity.  The reactions from humidity haters are actually stronger than local reactions to our lowest winter wind chills.  When asked how it is possible to prefer 40 below to 90 above, they always respond with the fact that we can always warm up with more clothes but there is a limit to how much clothing can be removed.  No matter your particular preference, this argument is indisputable.     Meteorologist John Wheeler