Heat Wave Of 1988

So far this June there has been no hot weather.  It was a different story 22 years ago.  June of 1988 was the hottest June in the history of Fargo Moorhead weather.  The average high temperature that June was 85 degrees.  There were 13 days in the 90s, 14 days in the 80s, two days in the 70s, and one rainy day in the 60s.  Most of the days were sunny and stiflingly hot.  Rainfall was scant.  There were just five days with rain totaling just 1.24”.  The only significant rain of the month fell on June 14 when 0.69” fell.  That day was also the only day with a high temperature below 70 degrees.  The heat waves continued throughout the summer with a total of 39 days at or above 90 degrees compared to the average of 13 days.  There were also four days over 100 degrees.  In the more distant past, the summer of 1936 had ten days over 100 but only 38 days above 90.    Meteorologist John Wheeler