Anniversary Of Rare June Heat Wave

This week in 1995, our region was experiencing a rare early summer heat wave.  For eight days, from June 14-21, the high temperature in Fargo Moorhead reached at least 90 degrees.  This included six consecutive days and nights in which the temperature never went lower than 70 degrees even at night.  The hottest day during the stretch was June 17 when it reached 100 degrees.  Temperatures of 100 degrees or warmer are extremely rare in the Fargo area during June.  With records going back to 1881 this has only happened a few times, mostly in the 1930s.  Long stretches of 90 degree days in June are also rare, as are long stretches of nights above 70 degrees.  Such hot weather is much more common in July and August.  Though not something that should be expected every year, mid to late summer temperatures of 100 or higher have happened roughly once every two to three years on average going back to 1881.  Meteorologist John Wheeler