Subzero In October?

Two years, each about a hundred years ago, produced periods of very cold weather this time of year.  In both years, early snow was the catalyst for the cold weather.

On October 18, 1917, it snowed two inches in Fargo Moorhead. Two days later there was another inch.  This snow remained on the ground for six days and produced a week of highs in the 30s and a low of five degrees October 23.

Two years later, it snowed three inches October 24.  This more substantial snow cover was a key reason the temperature dropped to four below October 26 and three below two days later. These are the only subzero temperatures for Fargo Moorhead in the month of October.  The snow cold continued that winter and heavy snow fell November 10, creating the earliest start of continuous snow cover on record for the area.

Meteorologist John Wheeler