Snow Is The Catalyst

November is the month when our region usually makes the big plunge into winter.  The average daily high temperature is in the 40s the first week of November but drops to the 20s by the end of the month.  Early in the month, a really mild day might reach the 60s and a really cold afternoon might be in the 20s.  By the end of the month, we will be very fortunate to have any temperature warmer than the 40s and subzero high temperatures can happen if there is snow on the ground.  Snow cover is the great catalyst for cold weather in November. Last year, snow fell 19 of the 40 days of November, but usually just a trace of a couple of tenths of an inch a day, so the snow never got deep.  Temperatures were consistently in the 20s most of the month but the lack of deep snow cover helped keep temperatures from getting extremely cold.

Meteorologist John Wheeler