Perfect Storm Pattern

One of the most amazing sequences of winter storms happened 25 years ago this week.  On October 28-29, an early season snowstorm dumped 15.9” of snow on Bismarck. The greater Fargo area got no snow at all from that storm as it was moving almost due north.

Two days later, the infamous Halloween Blizzard struck southern and eastern Minnesota, dumping 28.4” in Minneapolis and 36.9” on Duluth.  This storm also largely missed the Fargo area although 1.7” of snow fell November 2 along with blizzard-force winds creating whiteout conditions during the day.

Meanwhile, in-between these two storms, the even more infamous “Perfect Storm” was swamping the Andrea Gail in the Atlantic Ocean, a situation made famous in the movie starring George Clooney as the unfortunate Maine fisherman.

The three storms travelled south to north and were entirely separate from one another except for the extremely active weather pattern in place across North America at the time.

Meteorologist John Wheeler