Hoarfrost Gets A Climate Comeupance

Following last weekend’s record highs in the 70s, my friend, Hoarfrost Harbinger, asked me if I was going to use the records as proof of Global Warming. “No,” I told Hoarfrost. “Two days of record highs is not a proof of anything climatological.” “But I thought all you media types would use any excuse to promote Global Warming,” he countered.

“I can’t speak for others, Hoarfrost, but extreme weather has always happened from time to time, so a couple of record highs prove nothing.” So where does all this Global Warming stuff come from then?” asked Hoarfrost, obviously perplexed.

“Concern about climate change started with measured chemical changes in the atmosphere. Then we modelled the climate, and now things the models predicted, such as the warming of the Arctic and the rising of the sea, are starting to actually happen. As more pieces fit, more scientists have become convinced humans are causing some of the changes we are witnessing.”

“You’re complicated,” said Hoarfrost. “No, but climate is,” I said.

Meteorologist John Wheeler