Introducing Hoarfrost Harbinger

A good friend of mine, Hoarfrost Harbinger, asked me recently about my report calling for a switch to cold weather later this month. “Isn’t that what usually happens in November?” he asked. “I mean, aren’t you just hyping the weather?” “Actually, no,” I told my friend. “That our weather turns colder during November is typical. For it to go suddenly from this consistently mild stuff to below freezing with snow would be something of a shock to many people.”

Harbinger then countered with, “Yeah, but you can’t really forecast weather out that far, so you were just hyping it.” “Hoarfrost, “I said, “I wasn’t making a daily forecast for three weeks out. I was just reading the signs of a pattern change and estimating its impacts and arrival, trying to help people prepare for winter. Sometimes people think news is hyped because they, themselves, overreact to it. My job is to tell people what I know. Your job, Hoarfrost, is to use your noggin to make sense of my reports.”

Hoarfrost and I do remain friends.

Meteorologist John Wheeler