Mild November

Fargo has broken the record for the warmest mean temperature for the month of November. The mean temperature last month was 41.7 degrees, which breaks the record of 39.7 degrees set in 2001. The average November mean temperature is 28.8 degrees. One way to make sense of this would be to imagine that if each and every daily low and high temperature in November would have been 13 degrees cooler, the month would have been an average one.

Every day during the month but one has a daily mean temperature that was above average. The mean temperature for the three fall months this year just missed the record. This year, the fall mean temperature was 51.2 degrees, just shy of the record of 51.4 degrees set in 1963.

Although this should not be taken as a sign, as weather rarely simply repeats itself, the winter of 1963-64 was somewhat warmer and less snowy than average.

Meteorologist John Wheeler