Joint Pain Might Not Be A Sign Of Changing Weather

You know a change in the weather is coming because you can feel it in your knee/back/shoulder. Weather and joint pain have long been associated but without a known cause. According to a recent article on, two recent medical studies have shown that this perceived connection might just be in your head.

The two studies, both performed at the George Institute for Global Health in Australia, found that joint pain, though often associated with weather changes, did not show up when the patients are unaware of the weather. This suggests that people may just be recalling weather, associating it with pain, and confirming their pre-existing views.

The two studies do not prove there is not a relationship between weather and joint pain. However, if there is a relationship, any cause is still unknown.  People usually claim it is the change in air pressure. However, the pressure change one experiences riding an elevator ten floors is greater than in any storm on Earth.

Meteorologist John Wheeler